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Constance Jackson

Natoma L. Keita, a.k.a., Constance L. Jackson, MPH, MFA, is the writer, director, and producer of all the films in the Permanent Productions collection. Ms. Keita has two Master’s Degrees: one in Public Health, specializing in Social and Behavioral Sciences, and the other in Writing, with an emphasis on Creative Nonfiction. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Speech Communication, with a Minor in Health Sciences.

The documentary films produced by Permanent Productions present cutting-edge issues that delve deeply into the underlying factors that make up the nuances of physical and mental health in America. In a journalistic style of filmmaking, Ms. Keita taps into the essence of unspoken issues, immersing the viewer in the story, allowing the viewer to address and process the problems within public or private spaces.

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