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Red Hope?: The Blacklisting of Hope Foye (Her Story, Her Songs)

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Red Hope? The Blacklisting of Hope Foye (Her Story, Her Songs) explores the life of African American classical opera singer Hope Foye—her struggles for justice, for survival, and for her music.

Red Hope immerses the viewer into the Senate chambers with Hope Foye and the McCarran Sub- committee of HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) during her interrogation in 1952. The documentary also captures the richness of Hope's memories and of her today while showing images of the glamorous young singer, the times, performance stills, and family photos, all of it bringing Foye and her early career to vivid life. Framing and defining many of her performances and interviews of today are her songs—pieces filled with the horror, tragedy, and melancholia of a racist past as well as the faith and hope for a better future. Every note of pain, every crescendo of triumph, rings out clearly in the compelling voice of Hope Foye.

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Over the River: Life of Lydia Maria Child, Abolitionist for Freedom

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"It is my mission to help in the breaking down of classes, and to make all men feel as if they were brethren of the same family." - Lydia Maria (Mariah) Child

Influenced by David Walker's Appeal, William Lloyd Garrison, and prominent Black abolitionists, Child's pursuit for freedom for Black Americans and Native American Indians became her literary trademark for social justice.

The epic documentary, Over the River… looks at the tumultuous times of the 19th century and how Lydia Maria Child's major literary contribution helped trigger the Civil War. Child also raised the public's consciousness on many cutting-edge issues regarding African Americans, women, religious freedom, and domestic advice. Many of the northern abolitionists as children that read Child's magazine The Juvenile Miscellany, such as Col. Thomas Wentworth Higginson and Col. Robert Gould Shaw, became military infantry leaders during the Civil War.

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Blitz Attack: The Andrea Hines Story - Parts I & II

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Permanent Productions, a NAADAC and CAADAC provider of continuing education presents Blitz Attack: The Andrea Hines Story Parts I & II. For the first time, these documentary films immerse the viewer into the psychology of a family and a world of drug and alcohol addiction that has never been comprehensively exposed to the public. The films are excellent tools for professional training in areas such as addiction counseling and education programs, psychotherapy, family counseling, criminal law, medicine, and countless others. Emotionally charged and powerfully presented, issues of family addiction, family dysfunction, co-dependency, child abuse, obsessive thoughts, shame, and peer pressure are uncovered and weighed as contributing factors in the tragic loss of two teens?the victim and the perpetrator.

The nation's drug crisis affects not only the addict, but also families, communities, and the workforce. Blitz Attack allows the viewer to discern the issues from an ecological public health perspective, of the tragedies that engulfed the Hines and Garcia family of rural Holtville, California located in Imperial Valley. The community-at-large, its failure to intervene, and the impact of societal normalization are also implicated as active antagonists. Thought-provoking and culturally relevant, Blitz Attack encourages speculation as to the possibilities within one's own community for something like Blitz to happen.

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