Blitz Attack : The Andrea Hines Story

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This documentary looks in-depth at the aftermath of the lives of the family, the friends, and the town of Andrea Hines, who was brutally murdered by Adan, a 13-year-old family friend and schoolmate in September of 1994. After ten years, the Hines family, members of the town, and friends all still wonder why the boy brutally mutilated this beautiful girl. Some folks said he was psycho, others said it was an O.J. copycat murder, and others said he was just tired of the girl “ragging” on him. The documentary, looking back and putting the pieces of the puzzle together, attempts to help the family, the town, and the country understand why the boy did what he did and to try to prevent future killings by him and kids like him.

The documentarian elicited top psychologists in their fields to help explain this horrific tragedy that not only affected the family and town, but also to help the country brace itself for when the man is

released from the California Youth Authorities in 2005. Because of the boy's age at the time of the blitz attack, when he is released, his record will be sealed and he will be free to live anywhere without parole restrictions. Reid Meloy, a leading national forensic psychologist and author who performed an intensive evaluation of the boy has publicly stated that the boy, now man of 24-years-old, has the make-up of a serial killer. Meloy claims that the man will likely kill again if his personality structure has not been changed in CYA . The documentary is graphic, brutally honest, and heartfelt. Parental discretion will be advised.