Blitz Attack : The Andrea Hines Story

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Revelations looks at the complexity of this family's problems that gives us an idea of why Andrea may have been targeted by Adan. In this 50-minute version, we hear from mostly Skip and Vickie (the parents) in an interview session, sympathetically unfolding their innermost thoughts, behavior, and actions that led up to the murder of their 14-year-old daughter.

released from the California Youth Authorities in 2005. Because of the boy's age at the time of the blitz attack, when he is released, his record will be sealed and he will be free to live anywhere without parole restrictions. Reid Meloy, a leading national forensic psychologist and author who performed an intensive evaluation of the boy has publicly stated that the boy, now man of 24-years-old, has the make-up of a serial killer. Meloy claims that the man will likely kill again if his personality structure has not been changed in CYA . The documentary is graphic, brutally honest, and heartfelt. Parental discretion will be advised.